Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The "making of" the paper airplanes

In 3rd grade, you may have folded your math test into a paper airplane and flown it across the room. These contestants, in the 2010 First Annual Paper Airplane Derby took the paper airplane to a whole new level. Take a look at their fantastic creations:

The making of a paper airplane:

Our youngest participant Isobel works with her dad on her plane ISSY

Stephanie takes a break from the game Humans vs. Zombies to construct "L'avion Supersonic"

A flurry of activity before Heat #1

The judges survey the field as contestants fold and decorate their planes

Az working on "The Terminator" and Thomas with "Rexey"

Az and Carlos test their planes while others are still hard at work

Peter working on a plane that eventually got discarded for another plane "The Piglet"

Late entrants Ethan and Rowan construct their planes "The Destroyer" and "Enola Gay" right before the first heat

Jeff looks on as Nonna constructs "Nonneta" and Danica perfects "Lily"

Wait a this woman breaking rule #4??

Tae works on "Omlette"

Thomas puts the finishing touches on "Rexey"

Contestant working among several discarded models

Hugo and Johannes with one of their early designs

This plane has a pilot!

Vadim test flies "Challenger"

Carlos tests "Travieso" while Stephen looks on with his plane "The Creative Explosion"

Finished Products:

Jeff with "The Flying Dutchman"

Tae with an impressive plane that was eventually scrapped for a more aerodynamic model

Sophie with "Blossom Fiona Plane" (we hear this plane was named after Sophie's invisible puppy)

Glenn with the "SSGL"

Nonna with "Nonneta"

Tazha with "The Flying Rainbow"

Check back tomorrow for photos of the heats and find out who wins the Derby!!

Thanks to Libor Pospisil for many of these lovely photos.

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