Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet the Judges

AZIN VALY is an architect living in New York City and partner at the architecture and design firm I-Beam Design. Lover of strong lines and great curves, Azin has a natural talent for spotting an outstanding plane.

RAGNHEIDUR "RAGNA" HARALDSDOTTIR is a statistician pursuing her PhD at Columbia University. Her research focuses on analyzing brain image data. She is originally from Reykjavik, Iceland, yet can't be held responsible for the volcano, obviously. Her design aesthetic tends towards fractals, symmetry and geometric patterns, not unlike those found in the brain! But sneaking in some yellow might give you extra attention from her.

DAVID FRANK had a lead role in the Sundance winning feature film, Hurricane Streets. As if his head wasn't big enough already, he now works in the best bakery in New York City, the Silver Moon at 105th/B'way. He was last seen in theaters helping to break Phillipe Petit into the World Trade Center towers for Petit's heart-stopping wirewalk in Man on Wire (it won the Oscar, you're welcome, Philip). Look people, if the stewardesses aren't supermodels, I'm not getting on board! And no stop-overs, please; unless it's Memphis. The burgers. Let's fly the friendly skies!

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